Monday, May 11, 2015

Final Farwell

I sit here and reflect on this semester and all that I have learned and all I will learn moving forward with my time at UMBC. The most important thing I learned this semester would probably be to listen to other peoples stories. I know I am from Baltimore but, my area is different from Station North. I did not grow up over there but, I went to school over there and I spend a majority of my time in the neighborhood, I say all this to say that yes it is great but, it has a much deeper meaning to it then just surface deep. I learned that not everyone hates Baltimore and that is important because without committed people Station North would not be the same. My strongest contribution to the course project would be my ability to talk to be and take an interest in someone other then myself. I love to talk and it is one of my strongest ablilities especially when I am passionate about it.

Adventure Blog #4

Saturday 9 May 2015        
     This saturady I took a trip to both Station North the business side and Greenmount West. I first stopped in Joe Squared to get some pizza to go, then I left parked my car down the street by the school district building and just walked around. Like I said in class there is a whole other side of this art district that people do not see. Its like a tale of two worlds. I know when I walked or even just ride down the street I see the differences. I hurts my heart to see that people that live in a common area can not come together. I saw the togetherness during the events that have taken place in Baltimore but, why do we have to wait for somethinh big to happen in order to bring people of all walks of life together?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Adventure Blog #3

7 May 2015 

 On Thursday before class, I decided to go to SNAC because I was hungry and I was around that way. At first I was not going to go but, I heard they had some really good food. And I love food, I will travel for food. I got the chicken and waffles. I usually do not like waffles but, they were really good. I also got a casear salad to go. Yummmm.I set in and ate, which was a pleasant change from the always on the go life style that I have. The art work on the walls is so lovely. The staff was so nice, they brought my food to me with a smile. I would go back there anytime. The food was sooooooo good. Nothing but, smiles from me.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Adventure Blog #2

Sunday 3 May, 2015
Last Sunday night I found myself back around Greenmount West because of an unfortunate event, due to something that happen to one of my friends family members. I took the opportunity to do some looking around. I stopped in front of the sign, that read "Future Site of Roberta's House" at first I thought the city was about to throw more housing up next to homes that were already there. After doing research I found out that the city plans to build a Grief and loss center for the community. I am just wondering what are they going to do with the homes next to the empty lot where this center is suppose to go. I understand that they are trying to do good for the community, but if no one trust the people coming in to the neighborhood how is this going to work? Also with a grief and loss center comes job opportunities who will these jobs be given to? Will they bring people in from somewhere or will they give the people in the community a chance? I guess we will have to see.

Coming Down to the Final Stretch!!!!!

I can not be more excited that this semester is coming to an end. It has been really an interesting semester. For the last part of the project I will be transcribing the rest of my sister's interview. Listening to it I just realized how many problems Greenmount west really have and how displacement can really hurt a community's dynamite. This interview has also gotten me to think about the past events that has happen in Baltimore. And how proud I am of the City for coming together in a time of need. Now if the city does this all the time we would be in great shape. But, we need to first impeach Ms. Stephanie because honestly she does not know what she is doing, I'm just saying. :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

The wind down of the project

This week Shamara and I have an interview with a guy named persons. I do not know how this will play out with all the destruction in the city. Also I will be transcribing my sister interview and one more this week. I am happy that we are almost done and I hope that we capture the true story of station north both the ugly and the good.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Updat about this project

This week has been a very productive on. Two other people and I listened to Linda Harrington interview and transcribed it. Her interview was very short and her focus was mainly in my opinion about Greenmount West and Charles North being separate. CJay finally got back to me today she apologized for getting me mixed up with a student for MICA. She told me if I needed something for the project just ask her. Also Tuesday at 1pm I  will be interviewing my sister, who is a resident of Greenmount west for 2 years now, about Greenmount West and the apartments that were "magical" built. So this should be interesting. In this interview I plan to address issues as of why she thinks the apartments were built and just her story about living on Greenmount.